Expert System for Learning

Lexica is a domain-specific expert system for mid-large educational institutions. With deep learning dialogue system and strategic data acquisition, we can support our clients with smart user experiences and operational efficiency by automating enquiries.

Expert Knowledge Search

manage the user enquiry expert system through multiple user channels from all digital devices.

Recommendation System

suggest content to match student's need from institution knowledge and resources.

Adminstrative Panel

maintain knowledge base, user channel, human expert support and data analytics.



Data Insight

Organize information from resources and analyze based on relevance, novelty and depth for enhancement of operational productivity.


Integrated Gateway

Connect and access to both open-source and existing databases for knowledge discovery and search of information through multiple user channels and existing systems.



Ability to cater for different languages including English and Chinese as well forms of communication methods such as text and voice.


User Case

Suitable for different types of user enquiry needs like information enquiry, skill development, research learning and administration procedure.

About Us

Numerous institutions / organizations across industries still utilize manual processes internally and externally to conduct their daily operations. LEXICA is here to create smart user experiences, automate enquiries to enhance resolution speed, improve accessibility of resources to increase utilization, operate more efficiently and form more in-depth understanding of the domain knowledge and data.

Problems to Address



  • Expert knowledge is not easily accessible

  • User problem is not resolved timely

  • Difficult digital interaction

  • Lack of engagement


Educational Institution

  • Inefficient operation

  • High cost to improve existing methods

  • Not enough resource to resolve each issue timely

  • Poorly curated existing digital interface