Virtual Assistant Creator

Lexica creates Virtual Assistant for clients across different industries. We optimise processes and automate operations in large institutions to be more efficient.

Information Enquiry

ability to manage and respond to general and specific type of questions by the users.

Resource and Service Utilization

maximizing the utilization of resources and facilities provided by institutions.

Personalized Learning

facilitate users' learning by leading them to resources as a gateway.

Adminstration System

integrate, organize and analyze enquiries from all channels to provide data insights.



Data Insight

Organize information from resources and analyze based on relevance, novelty and depth for enhancement of operational productivity.


Integrated Gateway

Connect and access to both open-source and existing databases for knowledge discovery and search of information through multiple user channels and existing systems.


Virtual Assistant

With advanced dialogue system and machine learning, we provide independent research learning experience to all institution users and a more efficient way to access information.


Information Management

Manage the information enquiries effectively upon data collection and dissemination for users’ efficiency.

About Us

Numerous institutions / organizations across industries still utilize manual processes internally and externally to conduct their daily operations. LEXICA is here to optimize processes and automate operations with AI technology to improve efficiencies and effectiveness.



As a end user, complicated procedures lead to substandard user experiences, redundant effort to seek information & resources and inadequate engagement level and incentive to seek for alternatives user. For users, less is always more.


As an institution, concerns include repetitive and routine processes, insufficient data management for the information collected and lack of resources and insights to improve the existing operational methods.